On the 4th of Nov, delegates of the Pan African Youth Union (PYU), headed by the Deputy Secretary-General Mr. Bening Ahmed, paid a visit to GRACe at AUW to discuss possible areas of collaboration in the sensitisation and promotion of youth. The PYU is the coordinating body of youth organizations at National, Regional and Continental Africa. As per the shared responsibilities found between PYU and GRACe in contributing in the development, mobilization and promotion of youth, the two bodies are to organize activities and/or youth forums for a sustained and well developed young generation as they are our drivers of growth, productivity and innovation. The PYU showed great interest in the activities carried by GRACe in celebrating the elimination of violence against women in all its forms and as starters the two teams are going to collaborate in organizing a series of events celebrating the 16 days of activism.

GRACe is looking forward to have a lot of future potential collaborations with the PYU.




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