The Gender and Reproductive Health and Rights Resource and advocacy Center GRACe is Sudan's first academic center for training and research in the field of reproductive health and gender. It is a resource center for medical professionals, researchers and educators from Sudan or other parts of the region, advancing best practices through academic excellence, applied learning, and research. Thereby it builds capacities to promote quality of life.

GRACe was born in 2013 under the Regional Institute of Gender, Diversity, Peace and Rights (RIGDPR), building on four decades of AUW's efforts on gender and Reproductive Health and Rights (RHR) and is intended to consolidate the activities of the University and institute in research and training, contribute to national policies and achieving the sustained the development goals (SDGs). It has a very clear vision of becoming a leading regional centre of excellence on gender and RHR. It has one main goal that is to promote gender equality and reproductive health and rights of the community in general and of girls' and women in particular in Sudan and the region.

GRACe is considered to be the only nationally specialized centre on training and research in the field of Reproductive Health and gender together for target groups such as medical professionals, researchers and academicians from Sudan and the region. It adds real value to the core work of AUW and is a centre for excellence in research, training, and learning among universities and civil society organisations working to promote FGC abandonment in Sudan.  It is a resource centre for researchers and educators and has implemented several focused activities in the areas of Female Genital Cutting (FGC) and Girl Child Marriage (GCM). The activities implemented during the last two years were in line with the overall goal and objectives of the centre and were developed to fill the gaps in strategic areas of research and capacity building at national and regional levels. Moreover, GRACe, and as part of AUW, has managed to build strong partnerships with national, regional and international bodies of expertise to pioneer in delivering and implementing priority programs on gender and RHR including GBV.



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